Thank You for Visiting, We Are a Brand New Aviation Auction Website. Please Feel Free to Contact Us With Any Questions!

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Buyplane auctions are individually curated to provide an easy to use, and fair experience for both buyers and sellers alike. The process begins with the seller submitting an auction application form on our site, then our auction specialists will work with you through every step of the process to best showcase your aircraft!

What Makes BuyPlane Unique?

Each Seller Is Represented by an Auction Specialist

You will be assigned a dedicated auction specialist to guide you along the drafting and live auction process.

We represent every aircraft listing with honesty

With professionally-written listing descriptions and extensive photo collections.

Create a Conversation Between the Buyer and Seller

Each listing has a comment thread to discuss the aircraft, or offer constructive criticism of the listing.

We Offer Protection Against Last Minute Bidders

Our “Sniping Protection” extends the auction timer each time a bid is placed giving every bidder a fair chance.

How Do I Bid?


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Verify your email after registration

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